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Go Yorkshire!

A few weeks ago M and I were given free tickets to see Snow Patrol at the O2 (that’s another story) and I’d heard about an amazing David Hockney exhibition that was on in London. So in my usual naive way I asked at the hotel where we could buy tickets…they were nice about it but apparently it’d been sold out for weeks (everyone else seemed to know that). But it’s always good to check and when M found the exhibition online he saw that they’d just released some late night tickets, yayy, so at 10:30 on a Saturday night we trotted into the Royal Academy of Arts to see David Hockney’s latest works, many of which have been inspired by the countryside of East Yorkshire.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever been so ‘wowed’ by an art gallery…the colours looked like they were somehow backlit from behind the paintings and seeing these huge pieces displayed on the vast gallery walls of the Royal Academy of Art was very moving. David Hockney manages to make trees of blue and tree trunks of purple look real. I sat on a bench in the middle of the gallery and gazed at this huge glowing picture, his work is something quite special.

I love trying out new things in life and going to an art gallery at that time of night was new to me (it felt like something that people do in movies) but the real thrill was seeing such a fabulous slice of Yorkshire up there in the middle of London astounding everyone who gets to see it. Go Yorkshire!


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I Can

On Wednesday I was at the monthly meeting of the Chapel Allerton women’s business group ‘Inspired For Business’ and we listened to a guest motivational speaker called Richard McCann. Wow. I’ve heard many speakers over the years and some extremely good ones, but Richard was truly impressive. His story is very sad, from losing his Mother in horrendous circumstances aged 5 to a violent upbringing by his father to a life full of more tough challenges, but he is an example of what he preaches – Positivity, Courage, having a Goal and Never giving up. Everything he says we’ve heard before but to hear it from a guy who has gone through some truly awful stuff was different to anything I’ve heard or read before. There weren’t many dry eyes in the audience. But there’s no “oh poor me”…he talks about his life with passion and with an energy that captivates the audience and somehow he connects to every listener in his own unique way. Absolutely amazing.

(Richard gives motivational talks to schools and corporates so if you’re ever looking for someone to give a talk to stop everyone in their tracks, see


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Why I Do What I Do

On Sunday I drove through the rain to Birmingham to attend the photography show ‘Focus on Imaging 2012’. The event is a meeting of suppliers to the ‘image’ industry…professional printers, framers, album providers, university courses, technical equipment, all sorts. Unexpectedly as I trotted into the NEC I found myself surrounded by crowds of mainly men carrying big cameras around their necks or with huge rucksacks of camera equipment on their backs. I didn’t quite get it, why does everyone want to take photos of the NEC?!! What are they all doing…why do I feel like the odd one out?

But it was one of those many moments that turned into a lovely, warm, happy buzz when I reminded myself of why I do what I do. I’m not someone who’s passionate about having all the latest gadgets or spending hours comparing lenses or debating the pros and cons of the camera backpack. I do what I do because I love photographing children and their families. I love the fun and energy of running a photo shoot, I love seeing everyone laughing and playing and I love the emotion involved in putting together the best images of the day to produce a beautiful slideshow (I often shed a few tears when it all comes together…softy but true). And the ‘piece de resistance’, the wonderful moment when I get to share what I’ve created with the parents and watch them see their family through my lens. So it’s a little cheesy, but I do feel that what I do is a real privilege. The technical stuff is important of course, but the passion and excitement for me lies in the emotion of what I do, not what I carry in my camera bag.

Ps. no offence to anyone who is passionate about camera equipment x

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