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Catching Up

One of the joys of what I do is that I often get to photograph families through the years. The children grow up … new siblings arrive … and the photos need updating. For Hilary and family the Yorkshire sun shone (after some dodgy bank hol weekend weather) and the girls got into the fun of the photo shoot. They came up with some great ideas for locations, it was lovely to have some creative assistants alongside! They even got the play group guinea pigs to join in. A few of their photos …

Collage Hilary, Matt & Girls

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As I’ve got older I cherish the family photos of my big sister and me. They bring back very happy memories of our childhood.

Flora was a busy bee during our photo shoot but she still had the time to gently cuddle up to her baby sister for me to capture the two of them. I hope that when they grow up Flora and Alice will look back at their photos with fondness.

Then it was back to playing on the slide, picking flowers and pulling Daddy’s hair …


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