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Clippety Clop

I had a wonderful day honing my equine photography skills at Hope Pastures, the Leeds-based rehabilitation Centre for horses, ponies and donkeys. As a little girl I was horse-mad, though I never got that pony I wanted. Tsk. Anyway, quite a few years on and I still think that horses are the most beautiful creatures. I get as much joy photographing the bonds between animals and humans as I do photographing those between parent and child. Anyone who loves horses do pop by the centre, it’s a heart-warming place.


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Last of the Summer Sun

We got the photo shoot in just before the end of Summer. At one point we even had to wait for the sun to go in over a chosen spot in the garden, ahhh Summer days. Rafael and Imogen giggled and tickled and had us all laughing. The beautiful wooden floor, the colours in the garden and the bright little tent were among a lovely choice of backdrops. Happy photos to sum up a gorgeous happy family.


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