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Clippety Clop

I had a wonderful day honing my equine photography skills at Hope Pastures, the Leeds-based rehabilitation Centre for horses, ponies and donkeys. As a little girl I was horse-mad, though I never got that pony I wanted. Tsk. Anyway, quite a few years on and I still think that horses are the most beautiful creatures. I get as much joy photographing the bonds between animals and humans as I do photographing those between parent and child. Anyone who loves horses do pop by the centre, it’s a heart-warming place.


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Last of the Summer Sun

We got the photo shoot in just before the end of Summer. At one point we even had to wait for the sun to go in over a chosen spot in the garden, ahhh Summer days. Rafael and Imogen giggled and tickled and had us all laughing. The beautiful wooden floor, the colours in the garden and the bright little tent were among a lovely choice of backdrops. Happy photos to sum up a gorgeous happy family.


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Family + Pony

These guys have a discerning sense of style and the first shots felt well-suited to an interiors magazine. They also have huge family fun. In fact it was the first time I’d got to photograph a whole family on the trampoline. And I loved little Florence’s attitude to the photos – she knew what she wanted and insisted that her Little Pony join in for a few. And she did some very adorable poses in her new school uniform all ready for September. Bless.



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Geraniums and Graffiti

Kate has the most pretty and colourful garden. It’s also a very peaceful spot, a real haven to escape to. And it made a stunning backdrop. We got on a roll with photos and Oscar the cat kept a close eye on things. Then we headed to one of my favourite and sadly under-used parks in Leeds. As usual there was hardly a soul to be seen, even the skate park was deserted. The wall art was a wonderful contrast to the pretty garden. What gorgeous girls.

Collage Kate & Kaiya

Collage Kaiya

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Busy Bees

As Mum of 2 ¾ year old Barney I find it so impressive how rarely toddlers stop and rest. They’re just busy busy. And as a photographer I really enjoy the fun of capturing children of this age. I try to go with their flow, respect their priorities (they have so many things to do) and catch the moments when they’re ready. When Sebastian had time for a break, he cuddled up with his family and had hugs for his baby brother. He also did some great “roars”!! What a fab four.

Collage The McManus Family

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A Perfect Afternoon in the Dales

It still amazes me that only 40 minutes from Leeds you find yourself amidst beautiful rolling hills with breathtaking views in every direction. Then as many say, Yorkshire is God’s own county! We had a wonderful afternoon in Burnsall, parked up in the VWs in a huge meadow where the river flows by. It’s an idyllic setting. The kids played by the river, there was football and cricket, tree-climbing and cartwheels, and the photos flowed.

Edited The Ritchie Family



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Catching Up

One of the joys of what I do is that I often get to photograph families through the years. The children grow up … new siblings arrive … and the photos need updating. For Hilary and family the Yorkshire sun shone (after some dodgy bank hol weekend weather) and the girls got into the fun of the photo shoot. They came up with some great ideas for locations, it was lovely to have some creative assistants alongside! They even got the play group guinea pigs to join in. A few of their photos …

Collage Hilary, Matt & Girls

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As I’ve got older I cherish the family photos of my big sister and me. They bring back very happy memories of our childhood.

Flora was a busy bee during our photo shoot but she still had the time to gently cuddle up to her baby sister for me to capture the two of them. I hope that when they grow up Flora and Alice will look back at their photos with fondness.

Then it was back to playing on the slide, picking flowers and pulling Daddy’s hair …


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Once upon a time …

there was a sad, old chaise.


His webbing had gone, his legs were wobbly and he’d lost his umph. He would need a lot of love to return him to his glory days. But who would care for him when there were new shiny chaises everywhere … ?

Then one happy day Emily Farncombe laid eyes on him. She had a vision of a beautiful, reupholstered chaise, with new wood and webbing and padding and fabric. He would be very handsome.


[ Quick note … soon after Barney was born, I needed a cushion for our headboard (struggling to feed baby comfortably at 4am sitting against an iron bedstead). I’d heard about Emily through friends and she came round to help out and came up with a design for the perfect padded cushion. Sore back sorted. Phew. We chatted lots and I told her I’d searched for years and years to find a chaise. She remembered and when she came across the old chaise she got in touch. Barney and I went to check him out … ]


Barney sat on him and smiled. I could see Emily’s vision. Yep. I’d finally found The One.

So she started doing her magic.

Blog-26 Blog-25

And finally he emerged. Handsome, sturdy and very comfy.



And he looks very dapper with some of Emily’s vibrant ‘patchwork’ cushions on top.



Emily Chaise Low Res-08


It’s wonderful to finally welcome home something you’ve searched for over years, especially when it’s something old and broken turned into something unique and gorgeous once again.

Thank you to Emily and her amazing creative skills. Time for a lie down …


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Cakes Glorious Cakes

I love finding out why people do what they do and hearing how they got there. I’m often meeting people, particularly women, who have made a big career change to follow their passion. Not many of us set out at 18 knowing exactly what we wanted to do, or were capable of doing, not that that’s a bad thing. The journey is part of life’s adventure and the ups and downs makes it all the more rewarding when you get there.

Caroline baked cakes with her Gran when she was little and since then baking has always been what she loves to do. So when the time was right she made the leap from a high-flying career at Leeds Uni to set up her own cake-making business, Caroline’s Cakes Chapel Allerton

With Easter around the corner she’s been creating some beautiful cakes that I had the pleasure of photographing. I’m in awe of anyone who has the skill and patience to bake fine-looking and very tasty cakes as I’ve never got close to that level in the kitchen. Seeing her Easter range was a lovely reminder that there are delicious, traditional, homemade alternatives to mass-produced shop-bought Easter eggs.

Tuck in …






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