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Maternity leave started last Autumn and business went on hold pending our new arrival. Baby Barney emerged in November and turned life around in a wonderful way. Roll on the happy blur and learning curve of new motherhood and suddenly the little man is now nearly 8 months old. He’s happily munching solids, loving the company of others and already tiring of being photographed by his Mummy. Gradually it began to feel like the right time to get back to the work I love, while Barney and Grandma hang out together.

A maternity shoot was the perfect start. Last Summer I wanted to get a record of my own bump because, stating the obvious, going through a pregnancy really is an amazing thing. Edith, who I first photographed as a teeny baby, was the perfect photographic assistant as well as model and for Mummy Tracy the photos say it all, she’s blossoming and beautiful.

It’s great to be back.

Tracy, Edith & Bump Low Res-10

Tracy, Edith & Bump Low Res-40

Tracy, Edith & Bump Low Res-31Tracy, Edith & Bump Low Res-24

Tracy, Edith & Bump Low Res-09Tracy, Edith & Bump Low Res-36


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