Blossom, blossom everywhere….

Spring is amazing isn’t it, nature just comes back to life in an astounding way (I think we humans do this too coming¬†out of our winter hibernation and getting a little colour from the sun). I keep having ‘wow’ moments when I see yet another stunning tree covered in blossom and have been ‘blossoming up’ my photos when I’ve been out and about the last few weeks. We even had some blossom in the house this year. Our cherry tree had grown a bit too much so we had a tree surgeon give her a haircut and I brought some of the shed flowers indoors. She looks really beautiful now.

So, a few blossom moments….

Blossom in our garden in Chapel Allerton

Magnolia tree and a NYC office building






Red blossom and NYC Skyline




Blossom and The Flat Iron Building NYC






Blossom and a stormy sky at Blenheim Palace Oxfordshire










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