Calm and Content

On the day of Rebecca, Marc and Rudi’s photo shoot the weather forecast was cloudy skies, perfect for outdoor photography and we hoped that the ‘light rain’ part of the forecast would be brief. We started off indoors then Rudi put on his very cute knitted stripes for some time in the garden. Then we headed to a favourite family spot at the nearby canal. The canal was a wonderful setting for photographs with a wooded pathway alongside the water and beautiful willow trees on the banks.

I had a feeling of calmness and contentment spending time with this family and Rudi clearly takes after his parents. He’s a happy little boy. And he has the most amazing blue eyes. Sometimes he looked at me a little puzzled by the big camera lens and then he’d relax, playing with his parents giggling away. It was a lovely couple of hours and really nice to chat about our baby boys.



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