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Star of the Show

Ben is one of my Barney’s little friends and Rachel and Gareth were looking for natural photos of the three of them. I had every empathy having felt panicky during the first few months of Barney’s life feeling that it was passing us by without any record on camera of us as a new family. There’s rarely an extra pair of hands to take a good photograph.

Ben was as gorgeous as always. He smiled. He chuckled. He wriggled. And now and again he stared curiously at the lens checking out what I was doing. We watched his delight trying out the beautiful old and perfectly-sized rocking chair that has been passed down through the family. He smiled at his parents in pure baby bliss while sat in his cot cuddling his two furry friends. The little man definitely stole the show.

Rachel, Gareth & Ben Low Res-03
















Rachel, Gareth & Ben Low Res-61

Rachel, Gareth & Ben Low Res-32

Rachel, Gareth & Ben Low Res-56Rachel, Gareth & Ben Low Res-69

Rachel, Gareth & Ben Low Res-66


Summer Photography

With our recent heatwave it’s been a treat to do photo shoots where the challenge has been harsh sunlight rather than wind or rain. I had a good feeling about this shoot when little Olivia met me and immediately noticed the pink flower I was wearing, turning the chat turned to accessories … my kind of girl :-). Beautiful wooden floors made a perfect studio to start, then shady spots against stone textures of the house … some play in the garden … followed by wanderings down a tree-lined country lane with wooden fences for little two to sit on. All wonderful backdrops for a gorgeous family to produce some of my favourite Summer family photos.

Anna, Jamie, Olivia & George Low Res-14

Anna, Jamie, Olivia & George Low Res-05

Anna, Jamie, Olivia & George Low Res-29

Anna, Jamie, Olivia & George Low Res-51Anna, Jamie, Olivia & George Low Res-54



Back to Business

Maternity leave started last Autumn and business went on hold pending our new arrival. Baby Barney emerged in November and turned life around in a wonderful way. Roll on the happy blur and learning curve of new motherhood and suddenly the little man is now nearly 8 months old. He’s happily munching solids, loving the company of others and already tiring of being photographed by his Mummy. Gradually it began to feel like the right time to get back to the work I love, while Barney and Grandma hang out together.

A maternity shoot was the perfect start. Last Summer I wanted to get a record of my own bump because, stating the obvious, going through a pregnancy really is an amazing thing. Edith, who I first photographed as a teeny baby, was the perfect photographic assistant as well as model and for Mummy Tracy the photos say it all, she’s blossoming and beautiful.

It’s great to be back.

Tracy, Edith & Bump Low Res-10

Tracy, Edith & Bump Low Res-40

Tracy, Edith & Bump Low Res-31Tracy, Edith & Bump Low Res-24

Tracy, Edith & Bump Low Res-09Tracy, Edith & Bump Low Res-36


Fish Soup and Pirates …

I was asked by my fun and friendly Chapel Pie WI group to do a talk on photography which we scheduled in for July’s meeting on Monday evening this week. It turned out to be one of the warmest nights of the year. How tempting for the girls to stay home for a glass of chilled white in the garden instead …

Obviously the subject could cover all sorts, but I decided that what I felt was really important to share was the non-technical side of my photography … the funny bits … the emotion …  the creativity and the spur-of-the-moment ideas that often turn into the best photos from a shoot. And chatting over some of the stories behind the photos I wanted to get across that it’s about making a connection with whoever you’re photographing. That’s the way to catch the looks and smiles that make a gorgeous photo.

It was such a lovely chance to talk about the many reasons why I love what I do. Looking at some examples of children I’ve photographed reminded me of the brilliant little people I’ve met. There was the little boy who had giggle fits at the word “bottom” and then made ‘fish soup’ out of fish skeletons (aka dried leaves), the little girl who “never smiles” who ended up beaming when we played hide-and-seek and then recently a gorgeous little girl who was in fact a pirate :-)

People always say to never work with children or animals, but just imagine what I’d be missing, all those untamed imaginations. And I love photographing animals too!

Thank you to the girls at WI for heading indoors on a beautiful Summer’s evening to listen to me, I hope it fuelled your passion for photography too.



One of the things I really enjoy about my photography business is that I get to meet so many lovely people. I photographed this gorgeous little girl who was so attentive in front of the camera at just 10 weeks old, a model in the making! Her parents were warm and welcoming and I also got to meet some of the proud Grandparents, a real pleasure.



How To Avoid This Pose

When I was 2 ½ a photographer came to my nursery to take photos. I remember trotting into this room where there was a massive white umbrella and a tripod and a screen thing and I was really scared.  The umbrella in particular was really scary. My mood definitely shows in the photo so credit to the photographer for capturing how I was feeling. And I love the jumper, hand-knitted by my Mum.

I suspect that it’s partly due to this experience aged 2 ½ that explains why I still avoid studio set-ups. I enjoy the spontaneity and the endless think-on-your-feet creative options that are possible outside a studio. I’m very happy running around indoors and outdoors with camera in hand taking photos playing along with the children, but I wouldn’t like to pass onto any little girl or boy the fear of the white umbrella!!

Have Camera, Will Travel

I finally got to London to photograph three families who’d asked for photos of the children if I was ever down South. And it was a lovely excuse to catch up with friends who I hadn’t seen for too long. The photo shoots were great – being in London there was plenty of green space to have a run around (there are parks everywhere). I got to hang out with some very cool little people and even got to photograph Poppy the dog with her Princess Diana eyes….


Blue Eyes and Smiles

I got to photograph little sweeties Jack and Alice last week. I did a photo shoot of the twins last October and was inundated with smiles. Now that they’re two they had as many smiles and even more energy. They kept busy exploring the garden, popping bubbles, playing catch, practising golf swings (very impressively!) and even found time for a quick sit down and read. They ended up with a dip in the paddling pool as it was a gorgeous hot day. I love to photograph this age group, capturing ‘action shots’ while they enjoy themselves and waiting patiently for those moments when they stop, look and beam at me! I got to meet lots of the grown-up family too so it was a really lovely afternoon.

Bubbles and Flags

I had the pleasure of photographing super-poppet Florence and her parents on Saturday. It was so much fun. They’ve just moved to a lovely spot outside Leeds with a very pretty garden so there was such a choice of backgrounds including a little summer house painted duck egg blue inside (which toned in beautifully with their big blue eyes). Florence had a gorgeous choice of outfits as well as a some brilliant garden toys (including bubble machine and ball pool!) and she practised her flag waving skills to cheer on Team GB.




Photographing children is such a privilege. Children are beautiful and curious and always honest and when I work through the photos they make my heart melt. I photographed lovely neighbours of ours who are (sadly for us) about to move. They are a warm and welcoming family and the youngest of the family is a real poppet. I couldn’t stop beaming taking her photo.