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Party on…it’s 2013!

What better way to start 2013 than with a photo shoot for 6 lovely girls at a 13th birthday party. Naturals in front of the camera, full of energy and up for lots of fun. One of my lovely friends of many years and her daughter were planning her party…and the idea of a photo shoot came up. I was very happy to help out (would have loved to have professional photos done with my friends when I was 13). With birthday girl’s selection of three types of outfit (casual, going-out and onesies) together with my basket of fancy dress and some good music, everyone got into it. The only trouble is that after making a slideshow for the girls to some ‘One Direction’ tracks I think I’ve become a fan, can’t stop singing them :-). Thank you to Jen and co for a fun start to 2013.