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Competition News!

I was very excited to hear on Friday that I’ve been placed as a runner up in the International Wedding Photographer Excellence Awards. I love working as a family photographer but when I was asked by two friends to photograph their weddings this summer I felt it was a lovely chance to try a new area of photography. I worked my socks off (wedding photography is not for the unfit!) and did my very best to capture gorgeous photos of what were two amazing days. Happily both couples loved their photos which is the best bit.

I was really pleased with my work, so when I read about this competition in the Professional Photographer magazine I thought why not give it a go. I had to submit 5 photos from one wedding so chose a selection from Laura and David’s July wedding in France. They were very lucky with the weather for their wedding day and the light was amazing which let me get the most from the stunning setting. When I heard the news I was really chuffed to have my work recognised amongst other photographers by a scarily-good panel of photographer judges. So enjoy the 5 photos below and another huge thank you to Caroline and Alan and to Laura and David for inviting me into the world of wedding photography!





The Story

I met up with Laura and David this week to present their wedding photographs. They were very happy and it was lovely to be with them as they watched their wedding day through the photos. Wedding photography is most importantly about capturing the couple, their guests and reflecting the spirit of the day. But afterwards we also chatted about the detail shots and how in 20 years’ time these are the ones that will serve to remind them of the special touches that may have faded in memory. So much thought goes into these details that the photographs in themselves tell a story.


Simply Beautiful

…the only way to describe a truly magical wedding day. Laura looked breathtaking, David looked like the luckiest man in the world and you could almost see the love hearts floating in the air. They were married in the village ‘Mairie’ by the smiliest mayor ever then Laura and David led a procession of their friends and family along the French country lanes to the ‘wow’ French house that has been in David’s family for 25 years. Laura and David welcomed everyone and guests were led through to a reception of champagne and French delicacies out on the lawn in the afternoon sunshine. It was just stunning. The day was so gorgeously stylish that I had many moments feeling that I was in a movie wedding, but it was all orchestrated by Laura and David’s families which made it even more of an amazing day. From the gorgeous bouquets created by Laura’s Mum with flowers from the Montreuil market, to the tables covered in pretty fabric from the attic, to the incredible spread of food, such thought had gone into every detail.

And as photographer I was made to feel very welcome. M and I were looked after throughout the day which said so much about the warmth and kindness of these families. As I start to work through the photos I am really looking forward to showing them to Laura and David when they return from honeymoon. Here’s a sneaky peak.


La France

I’ve been packing for France and I’m feeling very excited about Laura and David’s wedding. They’re a gorgeous couple about to marry in a gorgeous setting, me and the camera can’t wait! And M (hubby and trusty assistant) is coming with me so it will be lovely to share the experience with him. I am also excited about going on the Eurotunnel for the first time ever (driving onto a train, it’s amazing), speaking French again after too many years and I’m looking forward to soaking up the Frenchness of everything.

With Mr. Wiggins doing so well at the weekend I read in the paper the French word for sideburns – les rouflaquettes – brilliant!

A bientot.


Love is in the Air

My love of photography started many moons ago. I started taking photos of people and places as I’ve always been a bit of an adventurer (I was photographer at Brownie camp!). When I set out to start up my dream business I looked at all the areas of photography that I loved and decided to build it around family photography as I find children in particular so interesting and so fascinating.

But as I keep saying, the great thing about creating a ‘new life’ is that new opportunities continue to present themselves….

I’m a member of a brilliant WI group called Chapel Pie WI and one of the lovely girls there, Caroline and her fiance had seen my work and asked me if I’d be interested in being their wedding photographer. I love weddings and decided that with my experience of travel photography (where I’ve been told I have an eye for detail, colour, patterns) coupled with my portrait skills, I would be able to capture their day for them in the relaxed and natural style they wanted.

The wedding day was a whirlwind of laughter, friendships, very cute children, castles, lots of rain bringing gorgeous rainbows, delicate birds adorning the tables, silhouetted in the windows and fluttering on the cake, beauty all around and above all lots of love. I was made to feel very welcome by Caroline, Alan and their friends and family and this connection definitely helped me capture the spirit of the day. I realised that working as a wedding photographer is even more of an emotional role than as in family photography because there’s so much to absorb to be able to capture it all through the lens. I also found it to be incredibly rewarding. Working through the images the following week the beautiful story of the day emerged in a natural flow. I discovered that there is a craft to capturing what matters and linking it together and really hoped that Caroline and Alan felt that I’d achieved this for them. I presented the photos to them last week and they were thrilled with the result. Thank you to them both for having faith in me.

I didn’t set out to be a wedding photographer but I got a buzz from it that won’t go away. I’m booked up to photograph a wedding in France at the end of the month….then who knows after that!