Fish Soup and Pirates …

I was asked by my fun and friendly Chapel Pie WI group to do a talk on photography which we scheduled in for July’s meeting on Monday evening this week. It turned out to be one of the warmest nights of the year. How tempting for the girls to stay home for a glass of chilled white in the garden instead …

Obviously the subject could cover all sorts, but I decided that what I felt was really important to share was the non-technical side of my photography … the funny bits … the emotion …  the creativity and the spur-of-the-moment ideas that often turn into the best photos from a shoot. And chatting over some of the stories behind the photos I wanted to get across that it’s about making a connection with whoever you’re photographing. That’s the way to catch the looks and smiles that make a gorgeous photo.

It was such a lovely chance to talk about the many reasons why I love what I do. Looking at some examples of children I’ve photographed reminded me of the brilliant little people I’ve met. There was the little boy who had giggle fits at the word “bottom” and then made ‘fish soup’ out of fish skeletons (aka dried leaves), the little girl who “never smiles” who ended up beaming when we played hide-and-seek and then recently a gorgeous little girl who was in fact a pirate :-)

People always say to never work with children or animals, but just imagine what I’d be missing, all those untamed imaginations. And I love photographing animals too!

Thank you to the girls at WI for heading indoors on a beautiful Summer’s evening to listen to me, I hope it fuelled your passion for photography too.


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