Hazel Nut

Hazel who? Hazel Nut is a small red squirrel, about 10cm tall with a velvety coat and a big personality. She loves accessories and cake, among many other things.

I’ve always had various fluffy/furry creatures in my life who have had names and personalities and many stories behind them, but it’s something I’ve not shared until recently. Understandable really, some people are far too sensible/busy/clever to be worrying about small squirrels.

However I started to photograph Hazel Nut and post a few photos on my personal Facebook page and she became very popular. Friends started asking me where Hazel Nut had gone when she didn’t show up online. So I decided to give my squirrel her own Facebook page. Photography is all about creativity and applying it to the things you’re passionate about…and one of my passions happens to be the adventures of a small furry squirrel!

If you’d like to join in Hazel Nut’s adventures, you’ll find her here.

(Hazel Nut’s about to go to Paris, the biggest adventure of her life so far……)

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