How To Avoid This Pose

When I was 2 ½ a photographer came to my nursery to take photos. I remember trotting into this room where there was a massive white umbrella and a tripod and a screen thing and I was really scared.  The umbrella in particular was really scary. My mood definitely shows in the photo so credit to the photographer for capturing how I was feeling. And I love the jumper, hand-knitted by my Mum.

I suspect that it’s partly due to this experience aged 2 ½ that explains why I still avoid studio set-ups. I enjoy the spontaneity and the endless think-on-your-feet creative options that are possible outside a studio. I’m very happy running around indoors and outdoors with camera in hand taking photos playing along with the children, but I wouldn’t like to pass onto any little girl or boy the fear of the white umbrella!!

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