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Gosh it’s two months since I returned from my cycling adventure and I’ve been bottling up all my ramblings. One of the best things about changing my life from years as an accountant (when life was spent in an office week on week) is that I’ve made the space to have new experiences and try new things and feel that I am constantly learning so much both in my life as a photographer and in life generally. Some of this does involve being out of my comfort zone but then that’s so often the best way to learn.

During my cycle trip I had an email from a lady Suzy Greaves whose book I had read several years ago. She included a fab clip about cycling (included in a post below so I sent a quick email back telling her about my trip as I was spending every day in the saddle and was obsessed with pedalling! She thought my trip was amazing and asked to interview me. I’d never been interviewed before so I was quite apprehensive but Suzy is very skilled and got some sense out of me. She interviewed me by phone while I was in a youth hostel in Scotland during the trip and then posted it on her blog. When I got home and had a listen it was so weird listening to ME (here it is! And then a lady who writes a blog about women doing their own thing got in touch having heard the interview and asked to blog about me. It was so kind of both to see my life-decisions as worth talking and writing about which made me feel proud of what I’ve done but it also made me realise how I’m just not comfortable in the limelight. I wanted to run away and hide under the duvet in case anyone I knew heard or read the pieces.

But….to learn and grow you have to step out there into the limelight at times and so I’m coming clean. One month after going live here is the blog post about me. You don’t need to read it as I am sure you have better things to read, but this is my confession to say it’s there and it links to the telephone interview so I’m hiding nothing (apart from an article in a magazine but that’s really enough of me for now…)

Pondering my reaction to my time of fame (!) I’ve realised that this personality trait fits with my love of portrait photography. I am always behind the lens and NOT in the limelight, it’s perfect.

Back to photos. I had a lovely, lovely weekend with friends in the Lake District last weekend and it didn’t even rain (hardly anyway). There was a regatta on Ullswater which was such a beautiful scene. Also, the path along the lake passes through a campsite and M and I were very excited to see a Minty-tent!! To explain, on our honeymoon in January we hired a very old VW camper van called Minty. If we could we would have brought him home with us as he became a trusted friend. But this tent is a replica of him, so we might have to re-stock our camping kit….

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