Love is in the Air

My love of photography started many moons ago. I started taking photos of people and places as I’ve always been a bit of an adventurer (I was photographer at Brownie camp!). When I set out to start up my dream business I looked at all the areas of photography that I loved and decided to build it around family photography as I find children in particular so interesting and so fascinating.

But as I keep saying, the great thing about creating a ‘new life’ is that new opportunities continue to present themselves….

I’m a member of a brilliant WI group called Chapel Pie WI and one of the lovely girls there, Caroline and her fiance had seen my work and asked me if I’d be interested in being their wedding photographer. I love weddings and decided that with my experience of travel photography (where I’ve been told I have an eye for detail, colour, patterns) coupled with my portrait skills, I would be able to capture their day for them in the relaxed and natural style they wanted.

The wedding day was a whirlwind of laughter, friendships, very cute children, castles, lots of rain bringing gorgeous rainbows, delicate birds adorning the tables, silhouetted in the windows and fluttering on the cake, beauty all around and above all lots of love. I was made to feel very welcome by Caroline, Alan and their friends and family and this connection definitely helped me capture the spirit of the day. I realised that working as a wedding photographer is even more of an emotional role than as in family photography because there’s so much to absorb to be able to capture it all through the lens. I also found it to be incredibly rewarding. Working through the images the following week the beautiful story of the day emerged in a natural flow. I discovered that there is a craft to capturing what matters and linking it together and really hoped that Caroline and Alan felt that I’d achieved this for them. I presented the photos to them last week and they were thrilled with the result. Thank you to them both for having faith in me.

I didn’t set out to be a wedding photographer but I got a buzz from it that won’t go away. I’m booked up to photograph a wedding in France at the end of the month….then who knows after that!



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