Once upon a time …

there was a sad, old chaise.


His webbing had gone, his legs were wobbly and he’d lost his umph. He would need a lot of love to return him to his glory days. But who would care for him when there were new shiny chaises everywhere … ?

Then one happy day Emily Farncombe http://emilyfarncombe.co.uk/ laid eyes on him. She had a vision of a beautiful, reupholstered chaise, with new wood and webbing and padding and fabric. He would be very handsome.


[ Quick note … soon after Barney was born, I needed a cushion for our headboard (struggling to feed baby comfortably at 4am sitting against an iron bedstead). I’d heard about Emily through friends and she came round to help out and came up with a design for the perfect padded cushion. Sore back sorted. Phew. We chatted lots and I told her I’d searched for years and years to find a chaise. She remembered and when she came across the old chaise she got in touch. Barney and I went to check him out … ]


Barney sat on him and smiled. I could see Emily’s vision. Yep. I’d finally found The One.

So she started doing her magic.

Blog-26 Blog-25

And finally he emerged. Handsome, sturdy and very comfy.



And he looks very dapper with some of Emily’s vibrant ‘patchwork’ cushions on top.



Emily Chaise Low Res-08


It’s wonderful to finally welcome home something you’ve searched for over years, especially when it’s something old and broken turned into something unique and gorgeous once again.

Thank you to Emily and her amazing creative skills. Time for a lie down …


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