Simply Beautiful

…the only way to describe a truly magical wedding day. Laura looked breathtaking, David looked like the luckiest man in the world and you could almost see the love hearts floating in the air. They were married in the village ‘Mairie’ by the smiliest mayor ever then Laura and David led a procession of their friends and family along the French country lanes to the ‘wow’ French house that has been in David’s family for 25 years. Laura and David welcomed everyone and guests were led through to a reception of champagne and French delicacies out on the lawn in the afternoon sunshine. It was just stunning. The day was so gorgeously stylish that I had many moments feeling that I was in a movie wedding, but it was all orchestrated by Laura and David’s families which made it even more of an amazing day. From the gorgeous bouquets created by Laura’s Mum with flowers from the Montreuil market, to the tables covered in pretty fabric from the attic, to the incredible spread of food, such thought had gone into every detail.

And as photographer I was made to feel very welcome. M and I were looked after throughout the day which said so much about the warmth and kindness of these families. As I start to work through the photos I am really looking forward to showing them to Laura and David when they return from honeymoon. Here’s a sneaky peak.


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