Star of the Show

Ben is one of my Barney’s little friends and Rachel and Gareth were looking for natural photos of the three of them. I had every empathy having felt panicky during the first few months of Barney’s life feeling that it was passing us by without any record on camera of us as a new family. There’s rarely an extra pair of hands to take a good photograph.

Ben was as gorgeous as always. He smiled. He chuckled. He wriggled. And now and again he stared curiously at the lens checking out what I was doing. We watched his delight trying out the beautiful old and perfectly-sized rocking chair that has been passed down through the family. He smiled at his parents in pure baby bliss while sat in his cot cuddling his two furry friends. The little man definitely stole the show.

Rachel, Gareth & Ben Low Res-03
















Rachel, Gareth & Ben Low Res-61

Rachel, Gareth & Ben Low Res-32

Rachel, Gareth & Ben Low Res-56Rachel, Gareth & Ben Low Res-69

Rachel, Gareth & Ben Low Res-66


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