Summer Photography

With our recent heatwave it’s been a treat to do photo shoots where the challenge has been harsh sunlight rather than wind or rain. I had a good feeling about this shoot when little Olivia met me and immediately noticed the pink flower I was wearing, turning the chat turned to accessories … my kind of girl :-). Beautiful wooden floors made a perfect studio to start, then shady spots against stone textures of the house … some play in the garden … followed by wanderings down a tree-lined country lane with wooden fences for little two to sit on. All wonderful backdrops for a gorgeous family to produce some of my favourite Summer family photos.

Anna, Jamie, Olivia & George Low Res-14

Anna, Jamie, Olivia & George Low Res-05

Anna, Jamie, Olivia & George Low Res-29

Anna, Jamie, Olivia & George Low Res-51Anna, Jamie, Olivia & George Low Res-54



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